Nicki Minaj denies taking part in Game and Ray J’s collaboration

2 Feb

Game has been promoting his fourth studio album, The R.E.D. Album, since September. He has announced many guest appearances for the album. Among the verses that he has issued out, he announced that Nicki Minaj would appear on the album. Game has reached out to many people for this album and he has the biggest lineup that he has ever had before. Among this long list of stars is Ray J.

The two California natives came together for a new track called “Pussy Fight.” On the track, it would be expected of Game to hit back with all of these rumors with his name in the middle. It is obvious that this song is taking aim at someone. Shots are definitely being fired over the track, but for the first time, it is not Game sending the shots. Instead, it is Ray J. In the past, he has said that he has nothing but love for Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian, but the song would say otherwise.

With all of the controversy surrounding the track, Nicki Minaj is doing her part, early, to remove her name from the chatter. The song does feature a female artist, but it is Ester Dean. Upon the leak of the song to the internet, Minaj was credited as a vocalist on the track. Once this song catches widespread attention, Nicki has a chance of being brought into the feud. She has heard the song and she is aware of the shots.

The mantra at Young Money is to stay out of beef, especially unnecessary beef and Nicki Minaj is doing her part to stay out of it.

One Response to “Nicki Minaj denies taking part in Game and Ray J’s collaboration”

  1. uguess July 30, 2010 at 10:07 am #

    it is time for people to be sued for adding nicki minaj name to songs she is not on. these songs could negatively affect her career and benefit the lieing scheming person. it is sad that the game would lie to boost his career and i’m sure ray litlle weak petty ass had a lot to do with it since it benefit his immature career. this song is disgusting and mentions many people name ellen, missy, nelly, 50cent, nick cannon, eve and more negativly. since ray j has made negative comments about nicki now they use her name and others do also. she should be able to sue if they gain or it harms her career.

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