Ludacris moves the Release Date for “Battle of the Sexes” up

2 Feb

With the recent albums from Ludacris, he has dealt with having his releases pushed back. The last album from Ludacris was supposed to be released during the summer of 2007. However, the album did not actually hit stores until the early fall in 2008. Even his current album had been set for release before the end of 2009. The complications with Shawnna led to the album being pushed back until this year.

Many already know that the album had been planned dating back to 2007. It was to be a collaboration album between Ludacris and Shawnna. Right in the middle of the recording process, she backed out of her contract with DTP Records. Since she had left his label, she was removed from Ludacris’ album. Still, for nearly two years, Luda had promised an album for the fans called Battle of the Sexes.

However, it would now come as his seventh solo album. Instead of having a back-and-forth album with Shawnna, Ludacris plans to speak from the perspective of a man and from the perspective of a woman. He said that this unplanned turn of events has led to him being able to reinvent himself. For that, Ludacris is very grateful. So far, he has planned collaborations with the likes of Ne-Yo, Eve, Lil Kim, Trina, and Nicki Minaj.

The album has been pushed up from its planned March 16 release to March 9.

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