DMX to self-title Next Album

2 Feb

A lot of changes have taken place since the release of DMX’ last album. He had plans of returning with a new album the following year, but those plans fell through. A dispute with his former label, Columbia Records, has thrown everything off. In 2008, DMX had hoped to secure a new label deal so that he could release two albums on the same day. It has been two years and those plans have yet to become reality.

DMX had hoped to record a regular rap album and then a gospel album. From that point on, he was going to become a gospel rapper. For over a decade, DMX has had the calling to preach, but it was not until recently that he gave his life to the Lord. Despite giving his life to Christ, he has still had trouble finding a record label. DMX returned to Ruff Ryders Entertainment last year and they are probably going to handle the distribution.

Since he first announced his seventh album, there have been too many album name changes to count. The only thing that has remained constant is his dislike for Jay-Z. Last fall, DMX likened his former friend to the devil. He said that Jay-Z is talented, but he is only in the game for the money. While he has turned against one friend, he has united with another. At the VH1 Hip Hop Honors, he and Ja Rule reunited and Ja is listed as one of the performers on this new album.

With no set release date, DMX has scrapped plans of releasing two albums. Instead, he will be releasing one regular album that he has decided to title DMX. The album has no release date, but it will be released during the summer of 2010. The label will be announced sometime before the release of this album.

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