Birdman co-signs Rick Ross’ skills

2 Feb

No one saw Rick Ross coming. Two albums deep in the game, he was hailed as just another rapper from the South. However, upon the release of his third album, Deeper Than Rap, it was as if something changed in Rick that made him step it up. While he is hailed as one of the best in the game, today, few would say that he is among the best of all-time aside from Rick Ross, himself.

Rick Ross has finally found someone to co-sign him. Dating back to last January, Birdman has been working with Rick Ross on a collaboration album. The album has been titled The H and it is expected to come out later this year. Having been in the studio with Ross for over a year, Birdman has had a front-row seat watching Rick Ross spit. He has noticed the change that has been taking place since last year.

Because he is best known for his songs like “Hustlin’,” people often doubt the skills that Ross has. Since he has been working with him since before Deeper Than Rap and now with the new album on the way, Birdman has been able to watch him grow. He knew where he was at when they first entered the studio and he knows where he is at, now, that the album is on the way.

When he was asked about Rick Ross’ boasting upon his own skills, Birdman said that he has every right to. According to Birdman, Rick Ross is one of the best, if not the best, rapper in the game right now.

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