Beanie Sigel should show Jay-Z more Respect

2 Feb

When Beanie Sigel first released “I Am Not Your Average Cat,” he said the song was not a diss record. Listening to the record proves that it was not. Just like with real family members, Beanie had to set Jay-Z straight because real families do that. There was nothing wrong with that record; he just told his former boss that he had dropped the ball. Note towards the end of that song, he says that this is not the green light to diss Jay-Z.

After being challenged by his former sidekick, Jay-Z had some less than friendly words and the back and forth began. That was when things began to get out of hand. One thing that stuck out in the previously mentioned song was that Beanie Sigel mentioned that 50 Cent wanted to sign him, but the move was blocked by Jay-Z. With fear that his album may not sell, 50 Cent needed a high profile feud.

Beanie Sigel had said, himself, that his first shot fired at Jay was not a license for other artists to begin bombarding him with disses. Right after he said that, he and 50 Cent forged an alliance and they took Jay-Z on directly. It appears that somewhere along the line, Beanie Sigel forgot about simply trying to gain Jay-Z’s attention. It seemed as if he was truly trying to hurt his former boss.

True, Jay-Z may have gotten over on him, that is wrong and the situation needed to be handled, but it has been years ago. If Beanie Sigel had a problem in 2004, he should have addressed it in 2004. Had it not been for Jay-Z, he would have not blown as much as he did. Beans is complaining, but he is not hurting for money like most other stars that came out when he did. He should be counting his blessings as opposed to blaming Jay for the things that he does not have.

Jay-Z discovered Beanie Sigel and put him on Roc-A-Fella Records, he made him a star. Really, this is the thanks that he gives him.

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