Tony Yayo ignores Young Buck disses

1 Feb

The New Year has begun with a bang for G-Unit. First, 50 Cent is coming off of the worst album sales of his career and now Young Buck has been sending a series of disses towards 50. There had been a time when Buck was ready and willing to end the feud with 50 Cent. However, the diss record, “So Disrespectful,” from 50 ended all chances of the feud coming to an end.

Last summer, Young Buck had issued an apology to 50 Cent and G-Unit. Early in the spring of 2008, the feud between 50 Cent and Young Buck hit the fan. For the remainder of the year, Buck aligned himself with Game and Joe Budden, sworn enemies of G-Unit. He had even attempted to reach out with Irv Gotti and Murder Inc., but they were not willing to bury the hatchet with him because he was upset with 50 Cent.

Realizing that feuding with 50 Cent was not going to get him off of G-Unit Records, he maintained a low profile for a little while. He resurfaced last summer and he apologized to the members of G-Unit for his behavior. It did not stop there; Young Buck also said that he would not mind returning to the G-Unit group. His apology went ignored by 50 Cent, but it was accepted by Tony Yayo.

However, the diss from 50 Cent has been a game-changer. Not only has Young Buck issued an all-out war with 50 Cent, but he is also close to feuding with Juvenile and B.G. But, if Tony Yayo has anything to do with it, things will not get that far. He said that he is done listening to the back and forth with Young Buck. In the mind of Tony Yayo, there is now not any difference between Young Buck and Game. Both rappers have become known for going back and forth.

Any and all disses from Young Buck to G-Unit will be ignored by Tony Yayo.

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