Rick Ross says “Teflon Don” will be the Album of his Career

1 Feb

For now four years, Rick Ross has been invading radios, CD players, and iPods across the nation. Unlike most other artists, he releases albums at a consistent rate. Because of his consistency, it is easy to track his growth from album-to-album. After a lukewarm response to his debut album, people really saw what he was capable of with Trilla.

Even with his 2009 follow-up, the growth of Rick Ross was really shown. Many hailed his third album, Deeper Than Rap, as the best album of the year. This was even after acclaimed releases from such legends as Jay-Z and Raekwon. He was even dubbed the hip hop artist of the year by some magazines, including Hip Hop Vibe.

There have been other artists who have been in the game longer than Rick Ross that have not risen as fast. His longtime rival, 50 Cent, has been in the game for years. When he first came in, he sold 11 million albums and was met with positive reviews. Despite the high sales and the positive reviews, 50 Cent’s mainstream debut was only hailed as a hardcore classic, not an album that everyone can relate to. Seven years after its release, it is still by far 50’s best album.

With Deeper Than Rap, Rick Ross did what few artists ever do, which is transition into the mainstream without alienating his initial fan base. His album was hailed by some as a classic, but was generally met with only positive reviews, but not the acclaim of such albums as Illmatic. To have an album received as well as Deeper Than Rap or Get Rich or Die Tryin’ would still be a major honor to a rapper.

But, Rick Ross plans to have everyone riding with him for his upcoming release, Teflon Don. On his next album, he plans to invade radio. Rick Ross has already stated that his most notable hits will come off of this album. There are many notable hits throughout music, but there are rarely classic hits. Rick Ross is promising that Teflon Don will deliver on those classic hits, thus making it a classic album.

There is no set release date for the album, but it will be released on Def Jam.

One Response to “Rick Ross says “Teflon Don” will be the Album of his Career”

  1. mark April 12, 2010 at 4:26 am #

    rick ross is the best rapper in the game hands downs!!he makes the best music all u 50cent haters need to go to hell cus 50 is done this is 2010 so get over it he doesnt make good music anymore!!and yes i said MUSIC not cartoons and skits and all that bullshit there in the business of making music and thats what i wanna hear good music so people go kill yaself with the talk about ross being a C.O and all that bs is garbage give credit where credit is due he makes good music so QUIT HATING!!!!

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