Cassidy teams with Carmelo Anthony to save hip hop

1 Feb

Three years ago, Cassidy successfully made his comeback with the album, B.A.R.S. The album had come after a two year hiatus, a label change, and a near-fatal accident. Through all of the trouble, Cassidy was still there. His album sold very well and he posted the most-notable hit of his career with “Drink N My 2 Step.”

Because of the success of the album, it was expected of Cassidy to return the following year with another album. But, due to label politics, this never happened. There was a significant buzz surrounding the Philadelphia rapper, but a year on ice stagnated his career. Following this, he would leave Full Surface to sign with a new label headed by Carmelo Anthony.

Cassidy hoped to release his new album last year, but the label did not have any proper deals in place. Now, one year later, the label has a deal. Ever since Nas declared hip hop dead back in 2006, every rapper says that they are going to save hip hop with their latest album. The only rappers to ever actually do so were Raekwon and Jay-Z. Cassidy is hoping to become the third exception to that rule.

The fourth studio album from Cassidy is expected to be released before the end of this year.

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