Young Buck may “Get Low” with Memphis Bleek

29 Jan

It is no secret that Young Buck wants to get off of G-Unit Records. He has been fighting to get out of his contract with the label as long as 2007. First, Buck tried going independent with his own label, Cashville Records once that failed; he began feuding with 50 Cent. In the time since their dispute, 50 Cent has frozen Young Buck and has taken on many more artists.

Towards the end of last year, 50 Cent began feuding with Jay-Z to promote his latest album. The feud has led to many thinking that Jay-Z has a major response planned. Beanie Sigel first said that Jay-Z was going to unite with Nas for a diss record. That record never came and some speculated that he may do an “I Declare War”-type posse cut. Among the rumored collaborators was 50 Cent.

Rumors of a 50 Cent/Jay-Z collaboration was ended when 50 Cent would diss Jay-Z once again. In the past, Memphis Bleek has been ridiculed for having Jay-Z fight all of his battles. Jay-Z has also taken heat for never directly dissing his rivals. Instead of name calling, he sends subliminal shots at his foes. For years, people have been waiting for Memphis Bleek to step up and bail his big homie out.

Until last year, no one realized that Memphis Bleek is a great businessman. Realizing how major label artists are struggling, Bleek decided that it would be best for him to switch to an independent record label. While Young Buck is stuck in his contract with G-Unit, he can record albums for independent record labels. He has signed a major label contract, but he did release an album in 2005 for Mass Appeal Entertainment.

Last year, Memphis Bleek reached a joint venture deal with Mass Appeal Entertainment. In the years since Young Buck recorded his album for the label, he has kept the communication lines open. He is looking to send a major shot to 50 Cent. Ever since the New Year came in, Buck has been going at 50 Cent as hard as he possibly can. In light of the 50 Cent jabs at Jay-Z, he and Memphis Bleek are not on the best of terms.

It is possible that the independent label, Mass Appeal, and Memphis Bleek and Young Buck’s disdain with 50 Cent could lead to Bleek signing him to his Get Low Records.

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