Dr. Dre is in No Rush to release “Detox”

29 Jan

Ten years ago, there was talk of a Dr. Dre album to be called Detox. This album was supposed to be the best hip hop album ever created. There have been many classics, but this album was to come from the best hip hop producer. Not only is Dr. Dre considered the best producer, but he is also known for his strong lyrical ability.

With all of those talents, there is no way that he can create a “bad” album. Even his 1997 compilation album was met with positive reviews. The only thing about Dr. Dre is the fact that he spends so much time recording music for other artists. His duties as a producer and an executive hinder him from creating music for himself.

Towards the end of last year, Dr. Dre announced that he was going to take some time off to record Detox. At the time, he had slated the album for release this year. Only weeks after his announcement to work on Detox, he decided that he would wait on completing the album. He said that the album may not be released until 2011.

Frequently, when he makes public appearances, Dr. Dre is asked about the album. He used to always say that he was going to take his time on the album. But, with hip hop being the way that it is and the fans ready to give up on the album, Dr. Dre put things into motion. Still, the same problems present themselves. Dre is set to work on new projects from Game, Ja Rule, Eminem and Ashanti just to kick off the New Year.

That is four, possibly five, albums just to begin the year. Then, add to that the fact that he takes a long time to finish projects and his album may not come out for another three years. Sensing all of this going on at once, Dr. Dre said that he is not in a rush to put Detox out. He has even gone as far as to say that he may not even do the album, period.

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