Chamillionaire’s “Venom” on deck for March release

29 Jan

There have been rumors of Chamillionaire releasing his third studio album dating back as long as early 2008. Two years later and the remaining fans of Cham are still waiting on a new album from the former rap star. His album has gone through multiple release dates that have spanned for nearly three years. The first official release date for the album was December 2008.

Because of the lack of interest in Chamillionaire and the struggling economy, Universal Records did not release his album. They decided to push the album back until early 2009. When 2009 came, Chamillionaire was pushed back until March. During these months, the economy only became worse and Cham said that the album was not coming out because of the economy.

Only a few months later, the album was rescheduled and Chamillionaire named the album, Venom. Towards the end of last year, new music from the album began leaking to the internet. A video for the song, “Good Morning,” was delivered. During that time, the album was slated for release in December 2009. Still, with minimal interest surrounding the album, it was pushed back until 2010.

It had been announced by various hip hop media outlets that Chamillionaire’s new album again had an indefinite release date. Recently, an announcement was made that stated that Venom will finally be released to stores. The official release date for the album is on March 23, 2010. The album will be his first release with Universal Republic.

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