Rick Ross will introduce listeners to “Teflon Don” in Days

28 Jan

After turning heads with his last album, Rick Ross has become the incumbent in the rap game. He now has plans of taking over the rap game this year. Everybody has had a nice run and Ross feels that it is time for him to have his. After declaring himself the winner of the 50 Cent feud, he feels that he can do anything. This is part of the reason that he decided to call his album Teflon Don, a nickname of 50 Cent’s.

While many credit a lyrical improvement from Rick Ross on his last album, he says that this is the album to look out for. He has received a comparison to the late Notorious B.I.G., and he wants to live up to that on his next album. Not only is Rick Ross promising hits on the album, but he is also promising the vast improvement of his lyrical ability. Because of the hype surrounding the album, Rick Ross has a lot to live up to.

Listeners and fans of Rick Ross will receive their first taste of Teflon Don in the next few weeks. The release of the album is still a ways away, but Rick Ross likes to release his first singles early. Already, he has leaked “Mafia Music II,” but he wants to begin releasing the official singles off of the album within the next two to three weeks. The album will follow before the end of the summer.

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