Maino wants to become an Album a Year rapper

28 Jan

Last summer, Maino broke into the hip hop scene with his debut album, If Tomorrow Comes… He has based his career on that of Jay-Z and T.I. It is no secret how Jay-Z took over the game; he came with a new album every year. Ever since the release of his 2006 album, T.I. has done the same thing. In the search of a new rapper to fill the void of the aging Jay-Z, consistency is the goal.

With the way that the rap game is currently structured, Maino feels that he can probably go into the studio and record a few singles and get them approved by his label. If the records are approved, he can go and take them to iTunes, where the people can buy them. He is confident that his music will continue to be popular, so he is expecting high single sales. With the popularity of singles comes the popularity of albums.

Maino has already recorded a few new songs and he wants to submit them to his label before the end of the month. He is sure that Atlantic Records will approve the new music and he is sure that the fans will love his new music. In the coming weeks, Maino wants to release some new music and he is hoping that some of it will catch on with fans. The aim is for him to get about four or five songs and have them on iTunes.

The songs will be followed later this year by Maino’s second album, The Day After Tomorrow. This will begin his run as a rapper that plans to release a new album each year. The popularity of his last album has Atlantic Records behind him, so he will give it a go. He plans to release this new album during the summer of 2010.

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