Game is ready for war with Knoc-Turn’ Al

28 Jan

Long before Game had ever entered the building of Aftermath Entertainment, Dr. Dre was working with Long Beach act, Knoc-Turn ‘Al. He is probably best-known for his vocals on the 2001 album by Dr. Dre and his single, “The Knoc,” which featured Missy Elliott and Dr. Dre. While he was associated with Dr. Dre, he never signed to the label and soon he ended his affiliation with the label.

While he is no longer a part of the crew, Knoc remained in the mix long enough to see Game be signed to the label. He was also there when 50 Cent signed with the label a few months later. A story that has never been told until he told it a few days ago, Knoc said that 50 Cent actually saved Game’s career. For the past five years, Game has been feuding with 50 Cent, so this is the last thing that he wants the public to hear.

Knoc-Turn’ Al did not come off as trying to diss his fellow Los Angeles rapper, but he said that he was about to be dropped by Dr. Dre. The thing was, Game could not write hooks and Dr. Dre needed hooks for Game’s album. At the time, Game was supposed to release his debut album during the 2002-2003 frame of time. But, the explosion of 50 Cent put things on hold and one thing about 50 Cent is that he is an excellent hook writer.

Since they were both a part of the same crew, 50 Cent wrote hooks for Game. When he finally released his debut album, The Documentary, 50 Cent would give up a lot of material for his own album to benefit Game. That much was known by the public, but not the statement made by Knoc-Turn’ Al. It was only a matter of time before Game would respond to Knoc.

Game feels as if he was called out by Knoc-Turn’ Al and now he wants to get into something with his former associate. The comments by Knoc were probably not intended to be a diss, but with Game preparing to release a new album, he does not need the negative press. Because of this, he has decided to challenge Knoc-Turn’ Al. Game wants him to make things official and release a diss record.

If Knoc-Turn’ Al ends up falling for the bait, Game plans to record a scathing diss record that will completely end the already struggling career of Knoc-Turn’ Al. Like Game, Knoc is preparing to release a new album. Since he has never had the buzz of Game, he probably needed to do something to get his name back out there. This is probably why he made the decision to take on Game. His new album, Knoc’s Ville, is expected for release later this year.

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