Eve will save Female Rappers with New Album

27 Jan

Aside from a few successful female rappers in the early days of hip hop, female rappers were never quite taken seriously. During the 1990s, an influx of lyrical female rappers took over the game. Among those female rappers was Eve. She was probably best-known for her looks and her outfits, but her lyrical prowess soon captivated fans.

When people think of female rappers, they usually think of Lil Kim. But, when Eve was doing her thing, her name was thought of first. Eve was the only female member of the Ruff Ryders and the second artist to hit it big, with the first being DMX. Her appearances on his music and music from the rest of the crew turned heads. She became one of the highest-selling female rap acts of all-time.

Because of her success and her growing brand, Eve soon created her own clothing line and she became the star of her own sitcom. For Eve, this was extra income and it began to take all of her time. The demand of her show, “Eve,” led to her taking a break from the music industry. The show became a hit and lasted three seasons for UPN. Despite the success, the network cancelled the program in 2006.

Now, finding herself without a consistent income, Eve ended up preparing for a comeback in the game. As soon as her series was ended, she began recording new music. Early in 2007, she teamed up with Kelly Rowland for the hit, “Like This.” Early in the spring of the same year, she struck her own hit with “Tambourine.” The song was a hit, but the record label did not expect her to sell.

Initially planned for release in 2007, her album never came and Eve was dropped by Geffen Records. Following being dropped by Geffen, she left Interscope and is rumored to be working out a deal with Ruff Ryders Indy. Her new album is now Lip Lock. It has been eight years since the last album from Eve. At the time, the female rap game was stable, but since she has been gone, the genre has struggled.

More than likely, it will be the new album from Eve to revive the entire female rap game.

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