Mims plans to Turn Heads on New Album

25 Jan

Ever since the commercial flop of his last album, Guilt, Mims has been working hard on his next album. As long as he has been in the game, Mims has been criticized. On his first album, he did not go deep enough and the album did not sell. With his second album, he probably got too deep and the album did not sell. Unlike his first album, his second release did little to attract fans with only one minor hit and one music video.

Last fall, Mims announced that he was working on his third studio album. At the time, he said that the album would be released in December. But, since he had already released an album for the year of 2009, nothing was set in stone. Still, he has been dedicated to working on his latest album. Currently, the rapper is on tour, promoting his album, but during his time off, he records for this new album.

For the album, rumored at one time to be called, I Am The Best, he plans to record an album that is deep enough for him to earn respect. However, at the same time, Mims hopes to still create hits that keep the fans interested. What Mims has planned for this album is not an easy task, but one that he feels that he is capable of. On his last album, he did surprise the few people who purchased the album when he proved that he was a good rapper.

Mims wants to further get this point across on his third release. At the same time, he does not want to alienate his fans. There is no set release date for this album, or a confirmed title. It is set to be released sometime in 2010, though.

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