50 Cent is going Mainstream on New Album

25 Jan

After the failure of his last album, Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent is going to pack his bags, moving both G-Unit Records and himself to a new label. Not only was Before I Self Destruct his lowest-selling album to date, but it was also the final album in his deal with Interscope. The label has already taken out an insurance policy by moving Game back over to the main label. This is most-likely to fill 50 Cent’s void.

But, for the past few albums, 50 Cent has become a shell of himself. He has cited many instances that have caused this to happen. Regardless of what he is blaming on his declining image, his image is declining. Perhaps it is the number of feuds he has become involved in or maybe the people are plain tired of hearing him on a daily basis. Whatever the case may be, 50 Cent thinks that he may have a solution.

After criticisms of going soft after Get Rich or Die Tryin’, 50 Cent tried to take fans back with his most recent album. The album has been praised as 50 Cent’s official return to hardcore rap, but he alienated his pop fans with the content of the album. After “Baby by Me” was released, people were expecting the album to be filled with those types of tracks. The few people that did actually buy the album were very disappointed with the final result.

For his next album, 50 Cent will be off of Interscope Records and he will be ready to create the music that the people want to hear. On his last two albums, 50 Cent has tried too hard to go in a specific direction. With this new album, 50 is going to give the people what they want. 50 Cent feels that the people want a pop rap album filled with guest appearances. This is exactly what he plans to deliver.

There is no set release date for the album and there have not been any confirmed guests, but 50 Cent has called upon the big names to work with him. Due to his constant bickering with other artists, it will be interesting to see who will actually record for his new album. On each of his albums, he works with the top producers and that is not expected to change with this album. 50 hopes to release this album in 2010, but he will have to find a label to distribute it.

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