Swizz Beatz prepares for a Busy Year

23 Jan

Up until his work on The Blueprint 3, Swizz Beatz had been relatively quiet for most of last year. That will not be the case for this upcoming year. He has a long list of projects that stem from work with his own crew and work for other artists. Aside from production work on music, alone, it has also become the job of Swizzy to work with the growing Ruff Ryders Entertainment brand.

This year, Swizz Beatz has a lot that he wants to get done. The project that will probably last him for most of the year is the new Jay-Z album. After taking 2008 off to start Roc Nation, Hov wants to release a new album every year, the way that he did during his prime. His last album, 2009’s The Blueprint 3 was hailed as a classic. The song’s that stick out the most on the album happen to be the ones produced by Swizz Beatz. Because of that, Jay wants him to handle most of his upcoming release.

Aside from the work with Jay-Z, there are plenty of acts on his Ruff Ryders label that are planning new albums. After three years of push-backs, Eve left Interscope Records and signed to the newly-established Ruff Ryders Indy to release Lip Lock. While she plans to work with a wide range of producers, she wants Swizz Beatz to be a part of the project more than anyone else. Her album will also be released this year.

DMX last released an album back in 2006. For that album, he worked with a lot of producers, which led to less work from Swizz Beatz. His last album was not one of his best releases and he has returned to the Ruff Ryders label and to working with Swizz Beatz. It is said that they are constantly working together on the new album from X. DMX does not want to waste any more time with pushing the album back, he is ready to release the album in 2010, also.

Along with new releases from The L.O.X. and Ja Rule, Swizz Beatz has also signed on to work with T.I. on his comeback album. Not only is T.I. preparing an album, but Young Jeezy is too and he has enlisted the help of Swizz Beatz. Last year, had it not been for Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz would have fallen off. This year, that is not the plan of Swizz Beatz, he is working with any and everybody. He is not only working on one comeback album, but four comeback albums. He is also working with Jadakiss on his Top 5 Dead or Alive album.

Swizz Beatz will have the busiest year of his career in 2010 and he is very happy about this.

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