Lil Wayne completes 20 Tracks for “Carter IV”

23 Jan

Right now, Lil Wayne has a lot on his plate. Last year, he successfully introduced the world to his new Young Money crew. They have proven to be a crew of hit-makers. Sadly, enough, Wayne will not be with them as they prepare their solo careers. His 2007 gun charges in New York have caught up with him. For the remainder of 2010, Lil Wayne will be serving time in prison. Just because he is going to be away does not mean that the music will stop.

Before the end of 2009, Wayne released We Are Young Money, which was an album with him and the Young Money crew. He had initial plans of releasing Rebirth, his own album, in a package with this album. At the last minute, he decided to release his album with Young Money as his 2009 album. With that decision came the choice to push Rebirth back until 2010. There has been talk of this album since October of 2008.

When Rebirth was pushed back until 2010, it was one of many push-backs from its original February 2009 release date. The album has since been set for a February 2010 release date. But, recent rumors said that the album had been pushed back for five months into a June release. The camp of Lil Wayne came out to deny those allegations and said that there will not be any more push-backs of Rebirth.

All of the talk of Rebirth has led to many forgetting about Tha Carter IV. Once his previous Carter album had been released, Wayne promised that a fourth installment was on the way. He also promised a remix album of Tha Carter III. This remix album evolved into an album of its own that he ended up calling Rebirth. He had planned to quickly release that album and then move on with Tha Carter IV. His initial plan was to release Rebirth early in 2009 and release the next album late in 2009.

However, Universal Motown did not have faith in the Rebirth album and Lil Wayne ended up only releasing one album, We Are Young Money in 2009. Now, 2010 is currently set up for these two Wayne releases. He, along with his representatives, has promised that there will not be any more delays with Rebirth. The album has been completed for some time, but there have been so many delays that it has yet to be released. Now ready to get to his masterpiece, Lil Wayne is gearing up for the release of Tha Carter IV.

During the downtime waiting for the release of Rebirth, Lil Wayne records for Tha Carter IV. He hopes to release Tha Carter IV before the end of this year. When speaking of the fourth installment of his album series, Wayne said that he has already completed twenty tracks that could possibly appear on the album. Tha Carter IV should be expected in either the third or fourth quarter of 2010 on Young Money and Universal Records.

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