Ja Rule also faces Prison Time

23 Jan

Three years ago, Ja Rule was on the comeback trail. He had forged an alliance with Lil Wayne and he felt unstoppable. To support Wayne, he came to his show in New York, which happens to be his hometown. On his tour bus was guns and marijuana. For most of the evening, he and Wayne were together, as they were also shooting the video for “Uh Ohhh!.” But, after the video, each rapper returned their bus, only to be caught by the police and sent to jail for the night.

In November 2007, Ja Rule, along with Remy Ma, Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes were all summoned to court. At one time or another, all rappers were in the same room together. The first rapper to go in was Remy Ma and she was given some hard time behind bars. Busta Rhymes would be let off of his charges, while Lil Wayne was given prison time, also. Lil Wayne’s prison time has come when almost every rapper in the game has been forced to go to prison.

Initially, Ja Rule assumed that he was going to be let off of the hook. In 2008, he announced that he would not be in any major trouble. Recently, he returned to court, only to discover that he faces up to four years in prison. With two new albums slated for this year, this jeopardizes a career that has already suffered enough trouble. As many already know, the strictest gun laws in the nation are in New York City.

Plaxico Burress, of the New York Giants learned this the hard way as he served time for shooting himself in a New York nightclub. It appears that Ja Rule will suffer from the same fate as the people mentioned above.

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