T.I. will release an album This Year

21 Jan

There was speculation that new music would be coming from T.I. once he was released from prison. Until he was released right before Christmas, it was assumed that he would not be released until May of this year. Given his work ethic, it was expected of him to go directly back into the studio and begin recording a new album. While a long time would have passed since T.I. was recording music, he also has obligations as a family man.

Because of that, most assumed that a new T.I. album would not come until 2011. He has surprised the people. First, he came out way earlier than expected and he was able to spend proper time with his family. Due to his popularity before his prison stint, T.I. went right back in and began recording his upcoming seventh studio album. At one point, he was rumored to have titled an album, King Muzik.

While those rumors proved to be false, it was true that T.I. was working on a new album. Now, he has announced that this new album will be released before the end of this year. Despite his time in prison, T.I. had hoped to release an album in 2009. But, unlike his previous stint in prison, he was not allowed to do so. Now that he is out, he is able to do whatever he likes as long as he reports back to the halfway house before curfew.

After years of being popular, T.I. became a fixture behind his Jim Jonsin-produced single, “Whatever You Like.” Ironically, the news of his new album was delivered by T.I.’s hitmaker. He did not reveal any other collaborations on the album, but it is clear that T.I. will be reuniting with Jonsin for this new album. Currently, the album has no release date, but should be expected in the later half of the year.

This new album from T.I. will be released on Grand Hustle Records and Atlantic Records.

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