Kanye West deals with more Bad News

21 Jan

Last year, people had finally accepted Kanye West for what he is. He is an arrogant man and he is going to speak his mind regardless. Throughout his career, Kanye West has taken on such figures as George W. Bush and 50 Cent. Some would argue that he won both issues.

Given the fact that he had never been disciplined before, West saw nothing wrong with him finding a new target. This is why he interrupted Taylor Swift as she accepted an award at the MTV Video Music Awards. One thing that Kanye failed to realize was the large fan base that she had in the country music circuit.

His outburst at the Video Music Awards has led to him putting his album on hold. Initially, Kanye West had wanted to release his sixth studio album before the end of 2009. Because the people were so angry with his outburst, he decided to hold off on the album. Things had gotten so bad that Barack Obama called him a jackass.

The media was all over Kanye West from his September outburst until the recent controversy with Tiger Woods. Had it not been for the Woods situation, people would still be on Kanye’s case. In the same manner, people would still be on Tiger Woods’ case had it not been for the recent tragedy in Haiti. For once, it appears that everyone is on one accord, which is trying to help these people.

Much like the rest of the world, Kanye West also wants to participate in aiding the tiny nation. Most of today’s notable stars will be doing a telethon that will air on such networks as ABC and BET. While a lot of hip hop stars were invited, a few were not asked to come. The most notable event of this happening was with Kanye West. Because of his reputation for taking microphones, they have asked him not to attend the telethon.

Just when Kanye West had felt as if he could re-enter the mainstream, he is hit with a very tough blow.

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