Ja Rule reaches deal with Murder Inc. Records

21 Jan

While he was promoting his 2007 album, The Mirror, Ja Rule announced that he had formed his own label, Mpire Records. Now that Murder Inc.’s roster is dwindling and at a fast rate, Ja has announced that he was never an official artist on the label. He said that he will spend the remainder of his career trying to build the acts on his Mpire label.

Despite Ja Rule going the independent route with this new movement, he still needs distribution and much like Ruff Ryders, Murder Inc. does distribute other labels. Currently, Irv Gotti is securing a deal with a label group and when he does, he will begin to rebuild his onetime powerhouse. Unlike Gotti, Rule has never had a powerhouse, but he would love to have one.

Given his history with Irv Gotti and the hits that they created together, Ja Rule has decided that it would be best for him and his label to work with Murder Inc. As it stands, Irv Gotti badly needs someone to generate buzz around his label. Standing alone, Ja Rule is buzzworthy. People always love to tease him about his falling from grace, but any time that his name is mentioned, it becomes headline news.

Just like it was during the old days, Irv Gotti needs Ja Rule and Ja Rule needs Irv Gotti. For the upcoming year, Ja Rule wants to release his own solo album and then an Mpire compilation album. Following that, he wants to begin promoting other artists on his label and to release another album before the end of this year. Ja Rule is hoping to create a similar situation to that of the current movement from Lil Wayne and Young Money.

Apparently, it is still murder.

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