Fabolous discusses DJ Drama mixtape delay

21 Jan

In preparation for his “takeover” of the hip hop game, Fabolous had planned to heat up things with a mixtape. Before the release of 2009’s Loso’s Way, he had released a mixtape with DJ Drama, There Is No Competition. The mixtape successfully built his buzz for his album’s release.

Since the formula proved successful once before, Fab has decided to use this as his method in the future. Last year marked the release of Fabolous’ fifth effort, Loso’s Way. Fabolous hopes that this year will mark the release of his sixth effort, Loso’s Way 2. He hopes to stike lightning twice with the release of a mixtape before the album.

Due to the fact that his next album will be a sequel, Fabolous hopes that his mixtape will also be a sequel. The warm-up mixtape from Fab will be entitled, There Is No Competition Pt. 2 (Funeral Service). Initially, he had announced the mixtape for a December 24 release. However, DJ Drama decided to take some time off to spend with family. That would cause a push-back.

Once the mixtape did not come out as planned, Fabolous issued a statement to the public that explained that the mixtape would be released on New Year’s Day. Almost one month into the New Year, the mixtape has yet to be released. Despite the constant delays, the new mixtape is still in the works.

Via Twitter, Fabolous announced that the mixtape will be released within a week or within ten days.

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