DJ Khaled says Shyne will appear on “Victory”

21 Jan

Every year, DJ Khaled comes out with an album that features collaborations from all of the heavy-hitters in hip hop. It has become a tradition to hear a posse cut featuring the top acts in the game all on one song. Aside from the big names, his albums also feature stars from years past.

Of all of the DJ Khaled albums, the most notable one is We The Best. The album is noted for the appearances from Miami’s top two emcees, Rick Ross and Trick Dady, along with introducing the world to an unknown Plies. What a lot of people fail to realize is that this album was released the same year that Ja Rule had planned to release The Mirror.

Aside from the introduction of Plies and the guest spots featuring Trick Daddy and Rick Ross, the album featured a new Ja Rule track. Paying homage to his 2004 hit, “New York,” Ja reunited with Fat Joe and Jadakiss for his planned single, “New York Is Back.” While the comeback from Ja Rule failed, the song was hailed as a classic and We The Best created a new movement.

With 2009 came the return of many old names. Among those names were Shyne. Dating back to 2001, he had been in prison for an incident in a New York nightclub. Due to good behavior, Shyne was released from prison two years early. Immediately following his release, Shyne was  deported. Before his deportation, Shyne announced that he was going to appear on DJ Khaled’s new album.

Seeing how DJ Khaled works with a lot of artists, no one doubted a possible collaboration between the two artists. Initially, DJ Khaled had to beg artists to appear on his albums. The increasing popularity of his albums have led to a lot of artists begging him to be on his albums. Some artists even jump the gun and announce their appearance on the album without first talking with Khaled.

More and more frequently, many artists are doing this, but DJ Khaled has confirmed that Shyne is not one of them. Coming later this year will be the fifth studio album from DJ Khaled, Victory. Among the many collaborations on the album will appear some new verses from Shyne. He has been confirmed on a track called “All My Life” that features Movado and Akon.

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