Clash of the Titans: Game vs. Memphis Bleek

21 Jan

Until 50 Cent challenged Kanye West, no one had ever thought of it being a big deal when two artists released albums on the same day. The way that the record labels operate, it happens very often. But, ever since the 50 Cent battle with Kanye West that captivated the fans, hip hop media has been trying to set up another epic matchup that would compare to theirs. While many clashes of the titans’ battles have been set up, there has yet to be another since their scuffle.

Due to the label politics, often albums end up being pushed back or pushed up to improve record sales. Because of that, Kanye West and 50 Cent did not have their planned rematch in 2008. One thing that has never been set up is pitting two actual artists against each other when they have an actual feud. It appears that may be happening soon if the release dates for Game’s The R.E.D. Album and Memphis Bleek’s The Process stay the same.

Dating back to 2002, Game and Memphis Bleek have been involved in a feud. The feud stems from the name of their label names. When Game was in the process of signing to Aftermath, he and his brother ran a record label named Get Low Recordz. Back in 1998, Memphis Bleek created a record label that he named Get Low Records. Game claims that his Get Low label has been around much longer than Bleek’s and that he stole the name.

Many call their feud petty, but it is one of the longest-standing feuds in hip hop. At times, the feud has been so crazy that Jay-Z was brought into it. For the past three years, the feud has remained dormant, but Game brings it up from time-to-time. Memphis Bleek has said that he is ready to put the feud behind him, but he also knows how to market himself and he may decide to use the feud with Game to do so.

While Game and Memphis Bleek are enemies, on their album, they are working with some of the same people. Recently, the rapper that has been in demand, aside from Gucci Mane, has been Rick Ross. Since both rappers are involved in issues with 50 Cent, both have a reason to work with him. Currently, Rick Ross is the primary target of 50 Cent’s. Currently, both Memphis Bleek’s The Process and Game’s The R.E.D. Album are supposed to be released on March 23, 2010.

Game’s album will be released on Star Track Entertainment and Interscope Records, while the new album from Memphis Bleek will be released on Get Low Records, Mass Appeal Music and E1 Music. If things stay the same, March 23 will be a big day for hip hop.

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