Red Café speaks on Bad Boy status

20 Jan

The public was first introduced to Red Café in 2003. At the time, he was preparing to release his first studio album, The Shakedown, in 2004. Despite the buzz that he had built on the New York mixtape scene, he could never get a proper deal. In 2005, he met Akon who immediately signed him to Konvict Muzik. The following year, he was supposed to release his debut album, but he was pushed back again.

By 2009, Sean Combs began trying to rebuild his Bad Boy Empire. When he tries to rebuild his label, Combs often returns to the streets to find the hottest rappers. His search led him to Brooklyn where he would meet Red Café for the first time. Impressed with his lyrical ability, he immediately attempted to sign him to Bad Boy Records. The only problem was the deal that Red already had in place with Konvict Muzik.

In April 2009, a joint-venture deal was signed and Red Café began his career as a Bad Boy. As the new flagship artist on the label, Combs promised that he would finally be releasing his album. However, the chance to move his label from Atlantic Records and over to the home of his peers, Eminem and Dr. Dre at Interscope Records was too good of a deal to pass up. With him, he took Red Café and Cassie, which led to Red’s album being pushed back until 2010.

With 2010 already here and his album on the way, Red Café was asked about the status of the label and his relationship with the staff. Recently, Yung Joc, the previous flagship artist of the label, decided to leave the label. He and Combs had a contract dispute and when he tried to leave the label, but he was stuck in the contract. The only reason that he was released from the label was because of the Interscope deal.

Red Café does not personally know Yung Joc, but he said that Joc should have read the fine print of his contract. He said that he does not know the contents of Joc’s deal, but he probably did not read the contract. Café said that all of his business with the label intact and he know the terms of his deal, so there is no chance of him ending up with a dispute with the label. Red Café said that he is on Bad Boy and they will distribute the releases from his Shakedown label.

Now that 2010 is here, Red Café said that he is working hard on upcoming projects. He and DJ Envy have plans of reuniting for another Co-Op album and he is planning on releasing an album from his Shakedown label. But, the most important project that Red Café is involved in is his upcoming debut album. It appears that Red Café is in a secure deal with Bad Boy Records and his debut album is coming soon.

Red Café is now signed to Bad Boy/Interscope and he plans to release his debut album sometime before the end of 2010. On the album, he may end up working with The L.O.X.

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