Rakim says 2010 will bring about Drastic Change

20 Jan

After being absent for almost the entire decade, Rakim hopes to have more of an impact in the 2010s. Ever since the November release of his album, The Seventh Seal, Rakim has been out of the public eye. With 2010 still fresh on the minds of everyone, predictions are still being made and Rakim wants to make his. Recently, hip hop has changed, the old artists have made comebacks and the new artists are working with the old artists. Never before have things happened quite like this.

There have been changes in hip hop, but gradual changes. Rakim is predicting a drastic change in hip hop over the course of this year. He realizes that people have been having fun in hip hop for some time, but he said that this year, awareness will be raised. Rakim acknowledged the South and their takeover of hip hop in recent years, but he said that things will be changing this year. Rakim said that the recent changes in hip hop are going to create a drastic change that will lead to awareness in the streets, also.

While Rakim announced a drastic change in hip hop this year, he did not mention if he was going to be a part of it or not. Initially, he had said that he was going to begin releasing albums on a more frequent basis after waiting ten years between releases. Last fall, he said that hip hop artists should try to make their careers last the same way that R&B artists do. Despite his prediction of drastic change, he did not mention if it would be a new album from him to spark this change.

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