Plies and Keri Hilson team up for New Single

20 Jan

Initially, Plies had intentions of releasing an album in 2009. When he first came into the game, he recorded many songs in advance. Because of this, he released his first three albums on the heels of each other. When he recorded newer music, he had enough to create another album. But, the buzz from his music that he had released to radio would not allow him to release another album.

Plies made the decision to wait until the summer of 2009 to begin promoting his fourth studio album, Goon Affiliated. The first single, “Becky,” became a fixture on the club scene, but has failed to be a hit on Billboard. Outside of the club scene, not too many people know that there is a new album coming from Plies. In an effort to rebuild his buzz, Plies has decided to work with the biggest artists of the day.

Late last year, he and Keri Hilson recorded the song, “Medicine.” It has been on the internet for some time, now. Despite the fact that it has been leaked, it has yet to have an official release. A few days ago, Plies finally confirmed it as the first official single off of Goon Affiliated. To accompany the single will be the official video for the song. The video will be released to music video outlets in the coming weeks.

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