Ludacris drafts Pharrell for “Battle of the Sexes”

20 Jan

In what has now become his seventh studio album, Ludacris is bringing in some heavy hitters. By now, Ludacris had hoped to be finished with his album and ready to release it. The album probably would have been a success as it was, but the competitive nature of Ludacris led to him doing more work on the album.

Before he goes out and actually releases Battle of the Sexes, Ludacris plans to release a mixtape that pays homage to his liquor brand. Through Twitter, Luda revealed that he had enlisted the production of Pharrell to be on his album. In 2006, the two united on Ludacris’ critically-acclaimed album, Release Therapy. The result of their collaboration, then, was the hit single, “Money Maker.”

Four years later, Ludacris is hoping for similar success. In the Twitter post, Ludacris also acknowledged the mustache that Pharrell has been growing. The post reads: “Pharrell and his mustache are in here working on Battle of the Sexes.” This is the second project that Pharrell is working on. Late last year, Dr. Dre brought Pharrell in to work on Game’s The R.E.E. Album.

Ludacris hopes to release Battle of the Sexes on March 23, 2010 on DTP Records and Def Jam.

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