Eve spills details on “Lip Lock”

20 Jan

Three years ago, Eve began working on her comeback album. Three years later, Eve is still preparing to release that same album. In 2007, the album was planned to be released under the title, Here I Am, the following year, the title was changed to Flirt and set for a 2009 release. The year of 2010 is already here and Eve has ditched her label in order to release Lip Lock.

During the summer of 2007, Eve built a significant buzz due to her single, “Tambourine.” The song quickly became one of the bangers of the summer. But, when the album stalled, the song became a non-album single. By 2009, having the song on her album would seem quite odd, seeing how it was a song from two summers past. Despite what the song was, it remains a hit under her belt.

After a three year gap in promoting this album, Eve is going against conventional wisdom and adding the first two singles from Here I Am as bonus tracks for Lip Lock. Now that she is off of her longtime label, Interscope Records, Eve is determined to release an album this year. Much like many other veteran artists, she said that she is returning to bring lyricism back into hip hop music. For the past few years, the female emcee has been absent anyway.

Eve has no release date for Lip Lock, but she is determined to have the album released before the end of 2010.

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