Method Man to teach “Laws of Success”

19 Jan

While his appearance may not show it, Method Man is one of the most successful people in the world. He began as a local level rapper, but he joined the Wu-Tang Clan and ended up becoming the leader of the crew. Aside from his work with the Wu-Tang Clan, he has enjoyed a very successful solo career and an enjoyable film career.

Now, Method Man is planning to give away the tricks to his trade. That is, giving away the tricks for a fee of $44.95. For a limited amount of time, the Staten Island rapper will be teaching the Laws of Success at The Learning Annex in New York. Here, he will tell people how they can take their dreams and make them into a reality.

Outside of his music career, Method Man has starred in his own sitcom, “Method and Red.” The rapper has even been the head of his own record label at various times throughout his career. Never before in his career, though, did he ever think that he would go on to become a professor. Perhaps 2010 is the year of change.

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