Young Buck wants to meet up with 50 Cent

18 Jan

The last time that 50 Cent and Young Buck spoke to each other, face to face, was three years ago. During that time, Buck was trying to distance himself from the declining G-Unit crew. The result of their final meeting was Young Buck and 50 Cent becoming involved in a feud that is now going on five years. Last summer, Young Buck did extend an olive branch to G-Unit, which was accepted by Tony Yayo, but rejected by 50 Cent.

Starting in the fall of last year, 50 Cent reignited his feud with Young Buck. Recently, Buck has expressed interest in leaving G-Unit Records. Once he is off of the label, he wants to reunite with his former crew, UTP. Initially, 50 Cent said that all Young Buck has to do is release a single that gets significant airplay. If he does so, 50 said that he would allow Young Buck to record a new album.

Despite what he has said, it appears that 50 Cent has been blocking Young Buck from doing anything related to new music. Every time that Buck tries to go off and rebuild his buzz, the move is stopped by 50. Tired of being blocked by 50 Cent, Young Buck wants to speak with his former friend, face to face. He said that he believes if the two men can sit down and talk a deal can be worked out and he can finally leave the label.

Before their feud had re-started 50 Cent said that all he wants is a return on his investment in the former G-Unit member. Young Buck’s album will be titled The Rehab.

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