Eve is officially off of Interscope Records

18 Jan

Years ago, Eve was one of the biggest rappers on the planet. She rode into the game behind the wave of DMX and the Ruff Ryders’ movement. Quickly, Eve established herself as one of the top emcees in the game, regardless of gender. As she set records, she attracted the attention of people outside of the rap game. Because of her looks, she was asked about modeling, which led to her being involved in other ventures.

By 2002, Eve had reached the peak of her popularity. She was fresh off of the release of her biggest hit to date, “Gangsta Lovin’,” featuring Alicia Keys. In addition to the success of her single, the album was also a platinum success. Following the success of the album, Eve went on tour and announced a new clothing line and her own UPN sitcom. Due to the lack of time, Eve took a hiatus from rap music to focus on managing her line and doing the sitcom.

Despite her self-titled sitcom being a hit, it was cancelled in 2006 because of the merger of the network into another network. Adding insult to injury, the clothing line was also suffering. With all of her business ventures going down the drain, Eve began to plot her comeback and she had set it for 2007. Starting with a guest verse on the Kelly Rowland single, “Like This,” Eve built her fan base back.

When the summer of 2007 arrived, Eve had another hit single in “Tambourine” and she had signed with Aftermath Entertainment. Next on her agenda was to release her first album in five years, Here I Am. Despite her plans, Eve’s album was placed to the side by Dr. Dre in favor of the album from 50 Cent. Tired of being ignored by Dre, Eve left Aftermath and signed with Geffen Records. Even on Geffen, she was ignored as the label was preparing to release an album from Snoop Dogg.

Eve’s comeback year of 2007 ended without her big comeback. Later scheduled for release in 2008, the album was constantly pushed back until 2009. When the year arrived, Eve was full of announcements. She was now promising her album before the end of the year. No longer would the album be called Here I Am. Now, she had decided to call the album, Flirt. With 2010 already in full swing, it is clear that Eve is no longer a top priority.

After nearly three years of label politics, Eve has decided to call it quits with Interscope Records, the parent label of Aftermath, Ruff Ryders, and Geffen. Even though she has decided that it will be best for her to leave Interscope Records, Eve does have plans of releasing a new album this year. Now, she has decided to go about things on her own. Coming later this will be her fourth studio album after three years of politics. The album is now titled Lip Lock.

The album is set for release during the spring of this year on Ruff Ryders Indy.

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