Havoc speaks on Mobb Deep comeback

13 Jan

Last fall, 50 Cent revealed that Mobb Deep was no longer a part of G-Unit Records. The announcement confirmed rumors of the group leaving the label. In 2005, they signed with the label, alienating a lot of their early fan base. The following year, they released their G-Unit debut album, Blood Money, which was a critical failure.

In the time after the release of that album, G-Unit went from being at the top of the hip hop game to being towards the bottom. Disses from Jadakiss, Nas, Cam’ron, and Fat Joe sent the label into a spiral that led to the G-Unit album flopping. No longer could 50 Cent focus his attention on developing artists when his music was not selling where he expected it to.

After three years and waiting to release a new album, Mobb Deep was released from their contract with G-Unit Records. Now on their own, Mobb Deep is preparing for a comeback. The group leader, Prodigy has been in prison, but will be released later this year. Upon his return, the group will return with a new album. The other member, Havoc, has spoken on this.

With the release of Prodigy nearing by the day, Havoc decided to speak on the return of his partner. He said that they are already recording for the album and he has some beats that go along with the rhymes. Havoc is promising a classic album from Mobb Deep and he also said that Prodigy is currently at his lyrical peak.

Currently, they are waiting to Prodigy to be released and to sign with another label. In 2008, they ended their feud with former partner, Nas, and they may reunite on their upcoming album.

One Response to “Havoc speaks on Mobb Deep comeback”

  1. russellj May 2, 2010 at 3:38 am #

    Damn man itz time for the real to come back to the game. Cant wait til P. is released so Mobb Deep can bring back the gritty. Big ups to Havoc for holdin it down while P. been away.

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