Can Drake lead Young Money alone?

13 Jan

Next month, Lil Wayne will be heading to prison. With that, there will be no one to lead his growing Young Money empire. Last year was the year to introduce the crew to the public. The easy favorite was Drake. As soon as he released his mixtape, So Far Gone, people in the game were ready to crown him.

Over the course of the year, Drake rose to become the star of the label. Some would argue that he had a better year than Lil Wayne in 2009. After all, it was the music from Drake that had more of an impact on the year. Even the release of We Are Young Money showcased Drake more than Wayne, as it was supposed to.

Despite the fact that Drake had a bigger year than Lil Wayne, without Lil Wayne, he would not have been notable alone. The main reason that his name is even being mentioned is because of the fact that he is signed to Young Money. For the next year, Drake will be without Wayne, it will be his job to hold things down.

There was a comment on Hip Hop Vibe that questioned the leadership abilities of Drake. Most hip hop crews have never had to deal with the loss of their leader so early in their run. If Jay-Z had ever faced this during the late 1990s, Memphis Bleek would not have been equipped enough to hold down the entire label. That was proven when Jay-Z retired and Bleek disappeared.

Granted, Drake is a better lyricist than Memphis Bleek, but is he good enough to hold down an entire label the way that Lil Wayne has? Not only is Wayne the face of Young Money, but he is also the face of Cash Money.

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