Will “The Darkside” be that Classic Album from Fat Joe?

11 Jan

Despite the time that he has spent in the rap game, Fat Joe is not one of the most-respected members of the game. With the turn of the year, Fat Joe is a 17-year veteran in rap. His career dates back to before the debuts of both The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. While he has been in the game for a long time, the only thing that his career lacks is a classic album.

The main reason that Fat Joe has been able to stay around is because he has always followed the trends. On his debut album, he tried to come with his own distinctive style, but he did not last like that, When he returned with his next album, Joe had altered his style to be more like that of his friend, Biggie. Fat Joe rode the Mafioso wave until it was replaced by the “Murder Inc.” sound.

Early in the 2000s, Ja Rule, with the help of Irv Gotti helped to introduce a new form of hip hop. There had been rap ballads in the past, but not like these. On Ja Rule songs, sometimes he would sing the hook, while the singer would have their own verse. The formula proved to be successful as every artist was trying to sample the style. Due to his relationship with Irv Gotti, Fat Joe was able to feature both Ja Rule and Ashanti on his Irv Gotti-produced hit, “What’s Luv?”

The snap music wave came in around 2003 and Fat Joe was able to capitalize the following year with both “Lean Back” and its remix. That song would become the first song in the entire career of Fat Joe to actually top the Billboard Hot 100. After the release of that single, he teamed up with the ever-popular Nelly to create yet another hit. By 2006, Lil Wayne was beginning to build his buzz from the mixtape scene.

Sensing that Lil Wayne was soon going to take over the game, Fat Joe offered Wayne the hook to his future hit single, “Make it Rain.” Throughout his career, he has followed the trends. It is safe to say that Fat Joe has never released a bad album. At the same time, he has never released a good album, either. The music that Fat Joe puts out sounds like all of the other music that is out, because of that, his singles receive a lot of airplay, but his albums rarely sell well.

Last week, Fat Joe announced that he was working on his ninth studio album, The Darkside. For this album, the Bronx rapper has said that he simply does not give a f*ck. He is going to do whatever and say whatever on this album. Only days after the release of his last album, Fat Joe said that he was going to create a record that was going to change hip hop forever. This is what he has promised with this upcoming album.

When speaking of The Darkside, Fat Joe is creating the trends. He will be working with many of hip hop’s most notable acts. Currently, the album will feature appearances from Busta Rhymes, DJ Khaled, and Young Jeezy. The official title of the album is The Darkside: Volume 1. There is no set release date for the album and there is no current record label announced that will distribute the album. It will come as a release on Terror Squad, though.

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