Shawty Lo speaks on Gucci Mane’s prison time

11 Jan

One of the most notable names in Atlanta hip hop is Shawty Lo. Perhaps, he is best-remembered for his feud with T.I. Some credit him as a one hit wonder, but most cannot remember his only hit. Recently, in the wake of the Gucci Mane explosion and the new music set to come from other Atlanta rappers, Shawty Lo has been lost in the fray.

Coming into last year, Gucci Mane was taken as a joke behind the mic. Realizing this, he worked hard and was able to land some high-profile collaborations. Throughout the course of 2009, he has worked with almost every notable artist in the game. He also was able to produce another star in OJ da Juiceman during this run. As great as the year was for Gucci, he made one critical mistake.

Late last year, Gucci Mane violated his parole and he was forced to go to prison. This was around the same time that he had begun working on his next album. Recently, Gucci Mane had to begin serving his term. Going back to prison means that he is no longer an industry insider. But, Shawty Lo, who happens to be very close to Gucci is. Ever since Gucci Mane went back to prison, the Bankhead rapper has said that he keeps Gucci Mane posted.

Shawty Lo said that he maintains a strong relationship with Gucci Mane and he frequently talks with him. He said that Gucci knows what he has to do and that he is ready to come back home to begin correcting his mistakes. Shawty Lo said that Gucci Mane is receiving a lot of mail and his spirits are up because he is ready to make a return to the game. With all of the positivity surrounding the Atlanta hip hop scene, Shawty Lo has written a song to celebrate it.

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