Lil Wayne to release “Rebirth” as planned

11 Jan

Recently, there were rumors of Lil Wayne pushing his long-awaited album back for yet another time. Initially, the album was supposed to be released in late 2008. But, the album has been pushed back over ten times. Most recently, the album was set for a December 2009 release, before being pushed back to February.

Immediately after the album was pushed back, the entire record was leaked to the internet by Not only was the album pushed back, but it was also leaked to the public two months before its release. With Lil Wayne’s prison stint coming only a month from now, he has to re-record this album and pick the singles from it.

With all of this going on, it is easy to imagine this album being pushed back again. Rumors began circulating about the album’s push-back last week. It was said that the album had been pushed back from its February release date to a later date in June. There was no exact explanation for the push-back, but there was one.

Now, only days after that announcement, it has been revealed that the announcement was nothing more than a rumor. Currently, Lil Wayne still has plans of releasing his experimental album, Rebirth, in February 2010. The album will come as a release on Wayne’s Young Money label, Cash Money Records, and the distributing Universal Motown.

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