Jim Jones may surprise fans with Dipset reunion

11 Jan

Of all of the breakups that have taken place in hip hop, the most unexpected has to be that of the Dipset squad. At the time of their breakup, they were sending disses at Jay-Z. Jay-Z was out promoting his first release back from retirement and they were spoiling the party. It appeared that they were going to take on all of the heavyweights.

While still feuding with Jay-Z, Cam’ron began a feud with 50 Cent. It was expected of Jim Jones to soon step in and help Cam take him out. Instead, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana ended up taking sides with 50 Cent. It was soon revealed that there had been an in-house feud going on between the two leaders, Cam’ron and Jim Jones, for some time. That is why they took sides with the enemy.

For most of 2007 and into 2008, Cam’ron took a break from the music scene. Out talking for, or about, him was Jim Jones and Juelz Santana. They never directly dissed him, but they did speak of their former partner in a negative light. Early in 2009, Cam’ron prepared to make his return to the limelight. He said that he had talked with Jim Jones and a Dipset reunion was possibly on the way. Those allegations were denied by Jones.

Because of that, Cam’ron became infuriated and he accused Juelz Santana of being addicted to cough syrup. A few months ago, Cam was asked about a possible Dipset reunion and he said in response to that, the group has been disbanded. Jim Jones said that Dipset will live on because he, along with Santana will forever be Dipset. In other words, Cam’ron does not own the name, so he cannot end the movement.

In the time since Jim Jones made that statement, it has appeared that the entire group has experienced a falling out. They all exchange disses with each other and it appears as if there is no reunion in sight. Despite all of this, recently Jim Jones hinted at a possible Dipset reunion. At one point, Cam’ron had expressed interest in reuniting, but now only Jim Jones and Juelz Santana appear to be on board.

Apparently, something is going on behind the scenes that may lead to the entire crew reuniting, even if for only one more time.

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