Birdman has big plans for Cash Money Records

11 Jan

Dating back to its inception, Cash Money Records has always been a label that releases rap music. In the late 1990s, the label rose to fame behind their rap music. Before the current era of the label, they only had one R&B act signed to the label in TQ. Even though he was a signed artist to Cash Money, he never did release an album through the label and he ended up leaving.

For the past few years, Lil Wayne has elevated his game from an average Southern rapper to the biggest rapper on the planet. Due to his sudden takeover of the rap game, Wayne decided to experiment on his later music. There was a time when most of his verses featured him using auto-tune to assist him going R&B. However, Wayne’s biggest announcement was his experimental album, Rebirth.

The changes that Lil Wayne has made are reflected in the artists that now surround him. No longer does his crew consist of thugs with heavy Southern accents. Now, the crew that surrounds the best rapper alive consists of anyone that has talent. For most of Cash Money’s history, Birdman has kept the label at strictly rap music. But, looking at how Lil Wayne has been branching out, he wants his entire label to do so. This is reflected in the label’s signing of rock artist, Kevin Rudolf.

It was in October of 2009 when Birdman announced that his label was more than a rap music label. With that announcement late last year, Birdman also wants to have his next album out in two months. Coming only months after the release of his successful Priceless, the rapper wants to release the experimental Priceless 2 in March 2010.

This new album will be released on Cash Money Records and Universal Motown.

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