Charles Hamilton speaks on Hiatus

7 Jan

Last year in hip hop was known as the year of comebacks. As time continues to pass, it will be forgotten that the year was also to be the rebirth of hip hop. There were a lot of new artists that were intending on releasing their first albums. Among those aspiring artists would rest Charles Hamilton. He was signed by Interscope Records in 2008 with an album coming in 2009.

Many people saw the lyrical ability of Charles Hamilton and he was hailed as the future of hip hop. While Interscope was trying to push the debut of Charles Hamilton, they were also continuing to market Soulja Boy. The popularity of his 2008 album was carrying the label. Despite the success of Soulja Boy, a lot of people credit him with the demise of hip hop.

Among the many critics of Soulja Boy is Charles Hamilton. Like Soulja Boy, he is a teenage rapper. However, unlike Soulja Boy, Hamilton chooses to rely on his lyrical ability as opposed to his marketability. Because of this, the rappers began a feud. Despite Charles Hamilton being the artist that relies on lyricism, he is still the artist that currently has no record deal. In September, he was dropped by Interscope Records.

In the time since he was dropped from the label, a lot of people have wondered where he has been. Finally coming back into the spotlight, after four months of apparent hiding, Charles Hamilton has decided to face the people. He has spoken on his hiatus since his label leaked the album he had recorded for free.

There has been a lot of speculation about where Charles Hamilton has been. He said that he decided to use the time off to work on his new music and spend some time with his family. After spending some time as a major label artist, Charles Hamilton has returned to his independent roots and he recently released his independent EP, Normalcy.

Currently, it is not said if he is working on a new album. He is rumored to release his debut album sometime before the end of this year.

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