Young Buck unleashes another G-Unit diss

4 Jan

After nearly two years of silence since the beginning of his feud with G-Unit, Young Buck has emerged from the ashes. It appeared, only months ago, that he had decided to end his feud with 50 Cent, and the rest of the crew. Last summer, Buck apologized to the crew and the apology was accepted by Tony Yayo.

When Young Buck first made his apology, it appeared that he was trying to get back in with his former crew. But, as the fall season approached, it was revealed that he was playing nice to be released from the G-Unit label. Buck had plans of leaving G-Unit Records to sign with UTP Records, owned by Juvenile. Before his time as a member of G-Unit, Young Buck had been a part of that crew.

Following up “Happy New Year,” three days later, Young Buck is back with a new diss aimed at his old crew, called “Steroids.” The title obviously makes it clear that his primary target is 50 Cent. For years, such rappers as Jadakiss and Fat Joe have accused 50 Cent of using steroids. All of his rivals, at one point have brought that up. Now, even Young Buck is accusing 50 of taking steroids.

Young Buck has credited the reason to these new disses because of the fact that he has been trying to leave G-Unit Records for three years. Apparently, when Buck made the announcement that he was trying to make a name for himself outside of G-Unit, 50 Cent became enraged. That is the reason why their feud began. Because they were feuding, Young Buck assumed that he would be dropped from the label, just as Game was.

However, 50 Cent was new to the industry business when he dropped Game. He realized that as soon as Young Buck was off of G-Unit that another label would have him. Because of that, he has forced Buck to stay on the label. In the meantime, 50 Cent released a diss record of his own that went at Game and Young Buck, amongst others, “So Disrespectful.” After he recorded the song, 50 Cent announced that it would be his next single.

Sensing that as the final straw, Young Buck responded to the record and has offered an alliance with Rick Ross. Both rappers have maintained a relationship, over the years. By the time that Ross began feuding with 50 Cent, 50 Cent and Young Buck were already having their issue. Out of respect to 50, Young Buck did not side in the feud. But, after this recent war of words, Young Buck has also sided with Rick Ross. He joins Game, Fat Joe, and Ja Rule on the side of Rick Ross.

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