Raekwon speaks on “The Wu-Massacre” and Jay-Z vs. 50 Cent feud

4 Jan

Riding off of the success and the buzz surrounding his huge comeback album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II, Raekwon was one of the biggest hip hop stars of 2009. Towards the end of the year, rumors began to circulate about a possible collaboration album between Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and Method Man. Out of the Wu-Tang Clan, those three are among the most notable.

By October, buzz for the album was building at an incredible rate. This was all until Raekwon revealed that the album was not happening. He said that it was a wonderful rumor and that he would love for a project between himself and his group-mates to take place. The only thing that was stopping this from happening was the fact that they were both signed to Def Jam, while he records for EMI.

Despite being signed to EMI, Raekwon expressed interest in signing with Bad Boy Records. In response to this, Diddy said that he would love to have Rae over at his new venture with Interscope Records. When Raekwon stated that a collaboration album between himself, Ghostface and Method Man would be virtually impossible because of their label situations, Diddy offered to release their album on his Bad Boy label.

For unknown reasons, the album was suddenly back on with Raekwon on board. GZA, another member of the Wu-Tang Clan, said that he would love to do some production work for the new album. Soon, the album was set for a December 2009 release. To many, this was very short notice and Raekwon fought to get the album pushed-back. He said that the album would end up coming out on February 22, 2010 on Def Jam.

While he began speaking of his upcoming music, The Wu-Massacre, and his future plans, the conversation soon turned to the feud between Jay-Z and 50 Cent. The biggest hip hop releases of last year came from these two rappers. For some time, subliminal disses have been going back and forth between the two artists. Usually, 50 Cent is the one who releases fire first and it appeared that Jay-Z has become tired of these disses. On several tracks on his Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent takes aim at Jay-Z.

Recorded in 2009, but released only days ago was Jay-Z’s latest single, “On To The Next One,” there are many parts of that song that take aim at 50 Cent. While the song does not call 50 Cent out by name, the actions that he describes are moves that 50 would usually make. In a short period of time, their war of words, which stemmed from an issue that former Roc-A-Fella rapper, Beanie Sigel has with Jay, has become the focal point of hip hop.

Now, when other rappers are making their rounds, they are often asked about the feud between two of rap’s biggest moguls. Some respond that the best always clash at the top, while others choose sides. Ironically, the feud started when 50 Cent was asked about Beanie Sigel’s issues with Jay-Z. He sided with Beanie Sigel, as did Game, who switched sides, and began a feud of his own with Jay.

The latest rapper to be questioned about their feud is Raekwon. He said that their feud is like a feud between brothers. Rae stated that they respect each other’s stories, style, and music. The only problem is the fact that they bump heads a lot. He described their relationship as a love-hate relationship. At different stages of his career, Raekwon has been involved in feuds with both of the rappers. Currently, he has no issues with either star.

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