Lil Wayne to release “Rebirth” in June

4 Jan

While he was still in the studio, recording Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne stated that he was going to be releasing a lot of new music. He said that he was going to release another album in 2008 and another album in 2009, which would be followed by music from Young Money. Wayne said that he was going to get all of his music out before they debuted because they are better than him.

Late in 2008, Lil Wayne revealed that he was going to release a remix album of Tha Carter III to be called Tha Carter III: The Rebirth. This album was supposed to come out in December and would feature some of the tracks that did not make his initial Carter III release. However, as time went on, he revealed that the album would feature elements of rock music. Before long, he had announced that the album would be entirely rock and called The Rebirth.

With that came the push-back of the album from December 2008 to April 7, 2009. In January, the first single, “Prom Queen,” was released to radio. Quickly, the single became another top 20 hit for the rapper-turned-rocker. Despite the quick success of the song, it did not last long and it soon faded from the charts. Because of that and the fact that Lil Wayne was giving up his proven style, Universal Records did not have faith in the project.

Soon, the album was pushed back until May, then June, later August, before finally being set at its December 21, 2009 release. When December came, it was revealed that Lil Wayne would be releasing his We Are Young Money album as his 2009 release. To follow, early in 2010 was to be his eighth album, Rebirth. However, due to the album still struggling to catch on with fans, it has been pushed back from February 2010.

Now, Lil Wayne’s Rebirth is set for release on June 22, 2010 on Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Universal Motown.

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