Is Irv Gotti headed to EMI?

4 Jan

During the summer of last year, Irv Gotti revealed that his contract with Universal Motown was over. Because of the fact that the deal, which lasted for three years, only resulted in three albums, which did not sell well, there was no chance of an extension. Before he signed with Universal Motown, Irv Gotti had come close to signing a deal with Capitol Records. Even through all of the issues, Capitol is still interested in having Irv Gotti and his Murder Inc. under their umbrella.

For the past few years, Capitol Records has struggled with hip hop music. The hip hop artists that they have all want to leave the label. This includes Mims and Fat Joe, both artists have strong relationships with Irv Gotti. There have been times when both artists were rumored to be working with Gotti. Fat Joe almost signed with his Murder Inc. in 2006.

Recently, Capitol Records has been trying to develop its urban music roster. They have already enlisted the help of Snoop Dogg. He signed with their Priority imprint as an artist and an executive. With him, he also brought over his Doggystyle Records imprint. Many artists signed to Doggystyle have relationships with Irv Gotti. This includes Kurupt, as he came close to signing with the label.

There have also been rumors of Ja Rule going to Capitol Records for them to distribute his record label, Mpire. He said that wherever he moved his label would be where Murder Inc. moved to. Much like the other artists on the label, he has a strong relationship with Snoop Dogg and he is close to Irv Gotti. If Ja Rule were to be on this label, he would be able to release his new music.

If he were signed to Capitol Records, Irv Gotti would be able to easily have his way. With such acts as Lil Wayne operating under the same umbrella at Universal, Gotti did not have that type of control. Being at Capitol Records would make his label the only prominent label under the Capitol umbrella. Plus, he and Snoop Dogg have worked together in the past, so there would be a little chance for conflict between the two executives.

A strong possibility remains that Irv Gotti may join Snoop Dogg and sign with Capitol EMI.

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