Young Buck revives 50 Cent beef with “Happy New Year” diss

2 Jan

When G-Unit first broke into the game, riding the wave of 50 Cent, they seemed unstoppable. The crew was united and they were willing to take on any enemy. Out of all of the members, the most loyal one seemed to be Young Buck. He rapped on his debut single, “Let Me In,” ‘if 50 holla get ‘em, Buck, ya know I’m gon get ‘em.’

During that time, 50 Cent was wearing his mogul cap. He had successfully introduced himself to the game and he had released the group’s album. Now, it was time to release the music from his group-mates. Even though Lloyd Banks was supposed to be the rapper next in line behind 50 Cent, Young Buck showed the most promise. When The Game emerged, Buck supported him just as 50 had told him to.

But, when The Game turned his back on G-Unit, Young Buck was the first artist to go after him, saying that no one ever crosses G-Unit. No matter what, Young Buck had 50 Cent’s back. While he never openly dissed Jadakiss or Nas, he sided with 50 Cent. After the release of his album, Buck The World, it became clear that Young Buck was looking out for himself. He reached out to Jadakiss and did not take sides in G-Unit’s feud with Dipset.

At the rate things were going, it was only a matter of time before a feud erupted between Young Buck and 50 Cent. In 2008, that is what happened. First, 50 Cent said that he had kicked the rapper out of the G-Unit group. This led to Young Buck releasing a series of disses that were aimed at 50 Cent. Because he owed all of his success to 50 Cent at the time, 50 went in on Buck as hard as he could.

Recently, Young Buck decided that the best way to leave G-Unit would be to play nice with his boss. Instead of dissing 50 Cent, Buck said that he was grateful for the opportunity that was given to him by 50 Cent. He said that he would love to get back in the studio and create another album, if 50 Cent would only release him from his contract with G-Unit Records. Until he gets his full investment from Young Buck back, 50 Cent has no plans of letting Young Buck go.

Right after he released “So Disrespectful,” a diss to Jay-Z, Game, Young Buck, B.G., Dr. Dre, and Pimp C, he said that Young Buck can leave G-Unit after recording one more album. For the opportunity, Buck was thankful and it was revealed that he had gotten to work on this new album. Once he leaves G-Unit, he is going to sign with Juvenile’s UTP Records. Because of this, many UTP artists and producers will be working with Buck on this album.

When it was revealed that Young Buck was recording a new album, 50 Cent revealed that he was working on a video for his diss record. Recently, Young Buck has not only been taking hits from 50 Cent, but also G-Unit recording artist, 40 Glocc. Tired of being dissed by his former crew, Young Buck has taken aim with his latest record, “Happy New Year.” He also addresses the statements that Tony Yayo has been making about him for the past few years.

On the song, Young Buck admits to selling drugs in his off time to feed his child. He says that he has the power to end the G-Unit label, altogether. All that Young Buck is asking for to avoid all of this is $10 million. He said that he will not mention G-Unit again if they give him that money. 50 Cent has previously stated that he has given Buck millions, but he blew it all. Even on his recent “So Disrespectful,” he said that Buck blew his cash trying to stunt like Young Jeezy, knowing that he does not make the money of Young Jeezy.

Before the end of 2010, Young Buck hopes to release his third studio album, The Rehab on G-Unit Records and Interscope Records.

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