Ja Rule to make Big Comeback in 2010

1 Jan

Ten years ago, Ja Rule was preparing to return to the game with his second album, Rule 3:36. After the release of that album, Ja quickly rose to become the biggest star of the rap game. He had come in on the coattails of Jay-Z and DMX, but by 2002, he was a much bigger star than both of his former group-mates. With the success that Ja Rule had in 2002, who would have guessed the outcome of 2003.

It was a matter of only one day, as it seemed. During the summer of 2002, Rule collaborated with the many artists of Murder Inc. and they topped the charts. This was not just one song, he was coming with hit after hit. But, by 2002, it appeared that Ja forgot how he got into the game. Growing up in Hollis, Queens, Ja Rule first rhymed about the streets and the drugs that he, along with his crew sold.

The combination of his witty lyrics and his deep voice caught the attention of DJ Irv. At the time, he was most notable for his work on Reasonable Doubt. In the time since his work with Jay-Z, he had joined Def Jam as an in-house producer. After it was revealed that he had relationships with Jay-Z and DMX, Russell Simmons forced DJ Irv to sign them to the label. It was then that the DJ changed his name to Irv Gotti and he became an A&R for Def Jam.

Once he signed both rappers to the label, they had four successful albums amongst them. At the time, Def Jam had been struggling to get radio play and they had been struggling to sell albums. With music from Jay-Z and DMX, alone, they were able to get over that hump. Because of the success that they had through Irv Gotti’s signings, Def Jam gave Irv Gotti seed money and an exclusive distribution deal for him to create his own record label.

In 1997, Murder Inc. Records was born and Ja Rule quickly made the label into a house of his. Not only did Ja Rule come with hits, but his music with Ashanti had the two named a modern-day version of Marvin Gaye and Tammie Terrell. When he began making music with Ashanti, the stories of the streets stopped coming from Ja Rule, instead he began singing all over his records.

Fellow Queens native, 50 Cent was not fond of Ja Rule or Murder Inc. Ever since he had a run-in with some members of the Murder Inc. crew, 50 had began releasing many mixtapes dedicated to dissing Murder Inc., mainly Ja Rule. Soon, the people realized that Ja Rule had sold out and they were eager to replace him with 50 Cent. The impact of the 50 Cent feud did not kill Rule immediately. With his next album, he scored two hits and went platinum, but the break that he took from music is what did him in.

Three years ago, Ja Rule announced that he was back in the studio preparing for his seventh studio album. The album was to be called The Mirror, but it was pushed-back for unknown reasons. The date was supposed to be set in 2008, but the years of 2008 and 2009 went by and no album from Ja Rule came. Now, 2010 is here and it has been six years since he has released a solo album.

Initially, he announced that he was going to release a triple disc album, Venni Vetti Vecci 2010. That album will no longer be a triple disc. Instead, Ja Rule is going to release a new album in the early part of 2010. He is working with some newcomers and the artists from the Murder Inc. roster. His rumored collaboration with Ashanti will take place on this album. Ja has been working on this new album since September.

The rumored title of the seventh studio album from Ja Rule is called The Rebirth of Hip Hop. Coming four years after the acclaimed Nas release, Hip Hop Is Dead, this is the official response. For the past few months, Ja Rule has been working with the Ruff Ryders, but it is unclear if any of their music will be released on this album, their album, or DMX’s album. But, this new album should be released in March 2010.

When describing this album, Ja Rule has said that it will be the one that puts him back on top of the game. He said that the reason that he did not release his album in 2009 was because he had already missed so much time that he would rather have waited to start another decade off before he released a new album. To start this new decade off, Ja Rule will release an album and to finish the first year of the new decade off, Ja Rule will release Venni Vetti Vecci 2010.

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