Fabolous defends Ja Rule’s singing

1 Jan

When Fabolous first entered the game, he hoped to have half of the success of Ja Rule. At the time, Rule was coming off of the success of Rule 3:36 and he was preparing for his all-time hit, Pain Is Love. Fabolous, on the other hand, was just trying to get his music played on the radio. The same year that Ja Rule officially took the rap game over was the year that Fabolous released his debut album.

In an effort to make his album sell, Fabolous needed a big-name collaboration. The only notable star that he had a working relationship with was Lil’ Mo. She was also spending a lot of her time with Ja Rule and she provided the hook to two of his hits. In an effort to help out Fabolous, she appeared on the album and she convinced Ja Rule to appear on the album.

The collaboration with Ja Rule was never released as a single, but it remains a street anthem. When they were trying to sell the album, they made sure to mention that Ja Rule was on it. Early in his career, Fabolous had a bone thrown to him by Ja Rule. Because of that, when 50 Cent began dissing Ja Rule, Fabolous never sided with him. At the same time, he never defended Ja Rule.

Six years after the feud, though, Fabolous gave his opinion on rappers who sing. Fabolous defended it saying that some rappers sing on their records, while others rap. He said that as long as they do not rely on the auto-tune, they are doing great. For his example, he pointed to Ja Rule and he began to defend his style.

Fabolous said that people grew angry at Ja Rule for always singing on his records, but it was not until 50 Cent came out that they stopped listening to his music. Fabolous said that if Ja Rule were just coming out now, he would be one of the top artists in hip hop. He went on to say that 50 Cent incorporated a lot of Ja’s style into his own music. While 50 Cent said that his singing is different because of the content, Fabolous argues that it is still singing.

While Fabolous has rarely sang on his records, most of his singles features vocals from an R&B singer. Because of this, like Ja Rule, Fabolous has been labeled as a “soft” artist. Still, he comes with a hit every summer.

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