Does Tupac deserve a bio-pic?

1 Jan

It was around this time last year that the hip hop community was buzzing about the upcoming bio-pic for The Notorious B.I.G. The film told of the life and the untimely death of the rapper and it was a long time coming. There have been many documentaries about the death of both The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. But, Biggie was the first to receive a bio-pic.

As great as Biggie was, he was not on the level of Tupac. Even though both rappers were respected, Tupac was a legend. Biggie did not become a legend until he died, he was only two albums deep at the time of his death. Tupac, on the other hand, had recorded multiple albums, including two in one year. He worked harder than Biggie and he had a warmer reception than his East Coast counterpart.

Maybe if both rappers had lived on, The Notorious B.I.G. would have risen to the level of Tupac, but as it stood on March 8, 1997, Tupac was the legend and Biggie was another rapper. When it became publicly known that Biggie was also dead, they tied his death into the death of Tupac. That is the reason why he is hailed as such a legend. He was a great rapper, but he was not on the level of legend that people try to say that he is.

One advantage that Biggie had over Tupac was Sean Combs. The founder of Bad Boy Records and the sidekick to Biggie, he was a marketing genius. Even when he was going through the loss of The Notorious B.I.G., he still profited. This was because he began releasing unrecorded music from the rapper along with never before seen footage. Due to the fact that Tupac was his own marketing genius, there was no one to really push his products the way that Combs pushed Biggie’s.

People tend to forget that Biggie only spent a few years upon the throne of hip hop. Tupac had a five-year run. Most of the Notorious film was about Biggie’s rise to the top, not his time spent looking down on the game. Tupac came into the game before Biggie so he had more experience and more success. His climb into the game took place long before Biggie had ever even considered rapping and his time in the industry was longer.

Due to the fact that his death was more interesting than that of The Notorious B.I.G.’s of course a bio-pic from Tupac would be more interesting. Tupac is deserving of a bio-pic and it is long overdue.

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